Month: June 2015

Garage Door Opener iPhone App Features

iphoneHere is the rundown about the iPhone garage door app and it’s top features. We keep our cellphones with us most of the time and having a garage door opener remote is a security risk these days. All a criminal needs is to access your driver side visor and they’re practically in. You can go for a run and simply strap your phone into your arm band holder. You can even open it remotely for a trusted neighbor if they are watching your home while you are gone for the weekend.

1. Open and Close Your Garage Door

I bet you saw this one coming… sort of obvious I know, but having an app on your phone would let you get in and out of the garage whenever you please.

Having the opener ability on your phone will also let you take the remote out of your car permanently.

2. Be Alerted When The Door Opens

Okay so you’re on vacation (a really awesome one, let’s say China) and your garage door opens. You find it weird that your door is being used, well, because no one is supposed to be home… “Houston, we have a problem.” Good info to have, eh?

If the garage is used as an entrance, this would also let you know when your spouse or kids gets home from a late night, which is pretty cool. Especially for all of the paranoid parents out there, (rightfully so, kids these days…), to know when your kids get home from a night of “partying” is good information to have.

3. Receive Alerts If You Forget To Close The Door

This one is both surprising and really useful. The app will use GPS and signal If you get a few blocks from the house and the door is still open. How many times have you driven a couple minutes down the road and turn to your spouse and say “Hunny, did you close the garage?” Well, now those conversations, that almost always lead to classic marital arguments, are completely avoidable. Now that you know the garage door is always closed when leaving the house, that only leaves the oven, stove, iron, fireplace, and…well, I suppose a rather lengthy list still remains.

4. Check To See If The Garage Door Is In The Open or Closed Position From Anywhere

Have you ever gotten snuggled into bed, and you’re really comfortable (I mean REALLY comfortable), and then thought, “Shoot, did I close the garage door?” At this point you really don’t want to get out of your bed which has finally reached the perfect temperature after tossing and turning for the past 20 minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice just to reach over and check your iPhone which is right on the night table? I think we can all relate to that one.

5. You Can Now Open & Close The Garage Door From Anywhere

Your kid calls and he’s locked out of the house. Assuming you genuinely like your child and want him to get in the house, all you have to do is open the app… and voila! You no longer have to leave work and open the door for him/her or need to leave a house key with a neighbor. More importantly and all kidding aside, entry in an emergency situation is easily granted no matter where you are… even China (I just really like China, okay?).

6. Hardware option: Webcam

Now that you can essentially open/close your door from anywhere, check the status of your door, and be alerted when you leave the door open (I think you’re being spoiled, but I’ll continue), you can see who or what is outside your garage door. It allows you to check and make sure the cat is not under the garage door when you close it from who knows where. It would also be nice to get a wave from the kids when they get home from school along with the alert.

If you have an iPhone, why not try it out and see if it’s worth it to you and your family!


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It’s National Fork Lift Safety Day!



The Industrial Truck Association has announced it’s second annual Forklift Safety Day, to be held today, Tuesday, June 9.  There are ways to help create awareness about the dangers that forklifts present and how to minimize the potential for accidents that can result in injury or death, damage to your facility, equipment and financial losses.

Here is  a short list of things you can do to improve safety on and around your forklifts.


  1. Make sure all your forklift operators have been trained and that their refresher training is up to date, if applicable or necessary.
  2. Take time to teach your forklift operators the importance of daily inspections of their forklifts. Daily inspections reduce the risk of equipment failure and catch small problems before they blossom into giant ones. 
  3. Download and post forklift safety posters.
  4. Take some time to gather any staff that operates around forklifts, to refresh them about the dangers of this equipment and how to use safe procedures when they are in an area of your facility where forklifts are being operated.
  5. Make sure all your forklift’s maintenance is up to date. If you have a Planned Maintenance Agreement, this would be a good time to review it with your service provider to ensure all standard checkpoints as well as unique equipment attachments are being inspected and maintained properly.
  6. Review any unique “site specific” features your facility may have and be sure your operators are aware of proper handling of equipment while on or around these features (ramps, areas where floors can be slick, floor substrates that vary etc…)
  7. Make sure that training is part of your company’s orientation for anyone that will or might operate a forklift. Employees who have not been properly trained, shouldn’t even be allowed to sit on a forklift, much less move it out to another area of your warehouse.
  8. Make sure you forklifts have proper safety equipment and that it’s operating properly. Lights, horns, back-up alarms, seat belts, fire extinguishers etc… 
  9. Make sure you have lock-out kits to ensure that forklifts that do not pass an inspection are locked out immediately until repairs are made.
  10. Review all your forklifts for possible replacement. Review safety records and maintenance logs for your equipment. 

Forklifts are a vital part of your business. They can be your best friend when it comes to getting the job done, or  your worst enemy if used the wrong way. Stay tuned for more safety tips this week and all month long!

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Springs, Hinges, and Panels – Oh My

Perhaps you are a self proclaimed do-it-yourself guru? From building shelves, flooring to hanging chandeliers, you do-it-yourself. If you prefer to do some maintenance of your garage yourself, be safe, and also note that garage doors use two different types of spring mechanisms to ease lifting and lowering.

1. Extension springs are located above the upper tracks on both sides.

2. Torsion springs are attached to the header directly above the closed door.

If you have torsion springs, do not try to replace the rollers in the bottom bracket. Broken garage door torsion springs make it nearly impossible to use your garage door. Not to take anything from your  DIY skills,  but it is a job for a professional with the correct tools. Continue practicing safety and give Omega Door and Hardware a call! Visit our services page: Omega KC Services.
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