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Omega Door and Hardware Door Safety Series

June is nearly here, (Garage Door Safety Month) and we’re being proactive here at Omega Door and Hardware by giving you important tips on door safety already. To begin, we’ll focus on Garage and Workshop Fire Prevention.

We’re not claiming to be fires prevention experts, but a few of these tips are simply reminders on what you can do around your garage to prevent a disaster from occurring.

Step 1: Establish Safety  Routines

If you develop safe habits, fire prevention will become routine.


  • When you cut or sand wood, you create sawdust and wood chips. These small pieces of wood are much more combustible than larger boards. Sweep them up right away and you will eliminate a big source of workshop fires.
  • Step 2: Practice Safe Storage

    Fires require three things: fuel, oxygen and heat. Keep those three things from coming together and you have taken a big step in reducing the chances of a fire. Good storage makes that possible.

  • Store flammable products such as wood finishes, spray paint and paint thinner in a dedicated storage container with a closed door.
  • Step 3: Buy Proper Safety Equipment

    You don’t have to spend much money to buy what you need to alert you about a fire or put a fire out before it spreads.

    • Keep a fire extinguisher in your garage or workshop, preferably stored close to an exit door.

Stay tuned as we will be offering lots more info regarding how to practice door safety!

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