Month: May 2015

Omega Door and Hardware Door Safety Series

June is nearly here, (Garage Door Safety Month) and we’re being proactive here at Omega Door and Hardware by giving you important tips on door safety already. To begin, we’ll focus on Garage and Workshop Fire Prevention.

We’re not claiming to be fires prevention experts, but a few of these tips are simply reminders on what you can do around your garage to prevent a disaster from occurring.

Step 1: Establish Safety  Routines

If you develop safe habits, fire prevention will become routine.


  • When you cut or sand wood, you create sawdust and wood chips. These small pieces of wood are much more combustible than larger boards. Sweep them up right away and you will eliminate a big source of workshop fires.
  • Step 2: Practice Safe Storage

    Fires require three things: fuel, oxygen and heat. Keep those three things from coming together and you have taken a big step in reducing the chances of a fire. Good storage makes that possible.

  • Store flammable products such as wood finishes, spray paint and paint thinner in a dedicated storage container with a closed door.
  • Step 3: Buy Proper Safety Equipment

    You don’t have to spend much money to buy what you need to alert you about a fire or put a fire out before it spreads.

    • Keep a fire extinguisher in your garage or workshop, preferably stored close to an exit door.

Stay tuned as we will be offering lots more info regarding how to practice door safety!

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steel doors


Evolution of the Garage

History of Garage


We hope you enjoyed this infographic Courtesy of IFA Insurance Company. This is where it all started for garages in general whether it be residential, commercial or industrial in nature. Stayed tuned for more facts on the commercial and industrial garage door industry as we approach June, Garage Door Safety Month!

The Heat is On – Happy Memorial Day Weekend

It’s already Memorial Day Weekend! We’re here to remind you that insulating a commercial garage door is worthwhile for many reasons.  Be it woodworking, an automotive business or wherever – there are many reasons why you would want the garage to be more comfortable when you’re inside it. Opening a window or running a fan can help move air, but it won’t stop heat from coming in so it does little toward creating a comfortable space.  Be closer to a more comfortable space for whatever you’re doing in there.


Check out this video to see one type of temperature tested door and how it can help with the overall energy efficiency level of a business. It features Intellicore insulation technology a product that we can source from our National Partner  Clopay®.  Clopay® is North America’s leading garage door manufacturer and a preferred supplier of overhead sectional garage doors and coiling steel doors. They offer a broad assortment of beautiful, energy efficient doors that we can install locally to fit your  your budget.

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