Month: April 2015

Don’t Just Hire People; Hire Assets!



This was simply one of the many seminar topics covered during the International Door Association EXPO this week. Indianapolis had more going on than just the Final Four!

Presenter: Mark McManus, Door Boy; IDEA Board of Directors

People are the most valuable assets of any successful door company. Hiring and training are not guesswork among high performing businesses. Using the tools available to you and some quality hiring skills can enable you to avoid many common problems associated with managing people, and give you a head-start on your competitors. This session discuss ways to turn job applicants into top assets for your company.

Visit to see the other sessions that were offered. It may just make you think about defining some new goals for your Business.




It’s Not Magic. It’s Touchless.


touchOpen doors with a wave of the hand?

A touchless wall switch makes opening a door simple and germ free. Blue LED backlighting highlights the switch at all times, other than during activation. This provides a visual reference of the switches location in low light conditions. Its low profile design makes it blend into your wall. The U-WAV switch also comes with a bevel plate that can be used to create a different look.

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