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Industrial Glass Garage Doors – The Benefits are Clear

These industrial glass doors  feature a design trend in industrial modern restaurant and retail design. It’s been growing with popularity over the past couple of years from everything to home design to special events, but it’s ripe and ready to roll! (up and down that is).

It’s functional, versatile, decorative and adds a sense of polished brand aesthetic geared towards Industrial themed brands. It’s the perfect extension for hosting patio events, live music sessions and expanding the capacity of a restaurant, events venue or cafe which means extra revenue for the bottom line.


Industrial Style is now influencing special events and even office spaces. Corporations are seeking hip warehouses and the like to host industrial rustic, contemporary themed events. Check out the examples below: couldn’t you see this for a new restaurant concept or even a hip start-up/tech work space? The possibilities are endless.
garage doors      garage door chic


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DSB Glass  – Model 902/903D

Insulated Glass  – Model 902/903I

Plexiglas Glass –  Model 902/903P

Ribbed Wire Mesh Glass  – Model 902/903M

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